Barrios Muñoz Jeanneret y Cia. was established with the purpose of fulfilling legal requirements of persons and entities, either domestic of foreign, who expect professional and efficient services in a trustworthy and transparent environment, with timely and effective solutions. For meeting this goal, BMJ is formed by attorneys with solid education, experienced in several fields, and that practice within the strictest ethical standards.

BMJ privileges a close relation with its clients, making available any appropriate means for accomplishing their projects and businesses. To this end, BMJ makes every effort for rendering, from a global perspective, the utmost personalized and specific legal counsel for each case, regarding either simple or complex transactions or cases, with a strong commitment towards confidentiality and excellence.

BMJ is capable of rendering legal counsel within multidisciplinary teams in order to deal with the diverse activities of its clients, especially those related to legal, financial, management, operative and human resource matters, favoring optimal, comprehensive and efficient results.

For the same purpose, Barrios Muñoz Jeanneret y Cia. groups with attorneys specialized in other fields, as well as with professionals of closely related disciplines.